2017 Summer Share Information

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Hello summer share members!

Summer shares will begin next week!  What an interesting spring we have had; first warm and dry with a record breaking day time high of 85 degrees and now cool and wet. We start the season when the first greens of spring push through the ground. For us that means asparagus, garlic and rhubarb. We also have spinach and head lettuce form the high tunnel which was planted either last fall or late this winter. We believe that these “first fruits” are not only very delicious but also highly nutritious.  Although shares are light for the first few weeks they will grow in volume and variety as the weather warms and we transition to warmer weather crops.
“Week One Summer share” newsletter will be sent the evening of Monday May 15th.
We look forward to an abundant season with a large variety of delicious and nutritious produce to share.
We are thankful for your partnership with us for the summer season, Daniel, Jane & Ben Oles




Promised Land CSA 2017 Summer Share Information


  • Produce shares will begin Tuesday May 16th and Thursday May 18th at your respective sites.


  • Tree fruit shares will begin in early July with sweet cherries.


  • For those of you who had winter share distribution at Park School, East Amherst or Depew please remember that your distribution day switches back to Tuesday for the summer share season.


  • You will receive a weekly email newsletter on Monday evenings. In it you will find CSA updates, farm news, a produce list with helpful preparation tips, and recipes.


  • Please use the weekly newsletter to guide you through the season. Newsletters are archived on the website for reference and/or recipes. Most questions can be answered if you refer to this information provided or in the weekly newsletter or refer to the website @ www.promisedlandcsa.com for questions regarding distribution sites.


  • We welcome farm visits but as our farm has many fields in a variety of locations you may not be able to find us easily; it is helpful if you can call or email first. We also host a year end field walk and potluck and occasionally member u-pick events when there is bounty surplus. We notify you of these through the weekly newsletter.


Distribution information


  • Distribution is always weekly and at the same location unless other arrangements are made at least 24 hours ahead. Distributions sites and times are also located on the website for reference if you need to make other arrangements. There are 25 weeks of produce shares.


  • Produce shares are packed in a waxed box the morning of distribution. These boxes are to be returned weekly. Each member is allocated two boxes for the season. Please handle them gently and do not use them for any other purpose except your produce. Some members find it helpful to transfer their produce to a cooler or insulated bag at the distribution site to keep their produce cool until it gets refrigerated at home. If your share is left in a hot car or in the box on the kitchen counter it will quickly wilt. Remember, we carefully harvest, chill and pack your produce to deliver it to you in the best quality possible. Your handling after pickup can make all the difference between great produce and fair produce.


  • There will be a sign out sheet at your site; please be diligent to cross off your name when you pick up your share. If you have a substitute person pick up your share please give them all the information they need to do so.


  • It is our responsibility to deliver your produce as fresh as possible. It is your responsibility to pick up your share each week at distribution. Your share is delivered and available on the day and during the hours listed for the site you chose. There is only the exact amount of shares packed; we do not have any “extras” at the farm if you miss your pickup. Any unclaimed shares will be donated if contact is not made promptly. If needed, distribution site changes can be made but must be done no later than the day prior. We are unable to return email or phone requests for changes on distribution mornings; shares are packed early in the morning. Please refer to the distribution site information section for the proper contact details specific  to your site.





Park School: Tuesdays
Distribution time: 3:00-5:30 pm sharp.
Please enter at the main entrance at 4625 Harlem Rd. and turn right into the first driveway leading to the upper parking lot. There will be a blue and white delivery truck. Daniel Oles hosts the site. Please email us @ promisedlandcsa@gmail.com within 24 hours to make other arrangements if you miss distribution.

Thursday site options are MAP @ 271 Grant Street or at the farm (2112 County Line Rd. Alden).


Lancaster: Tuesdays
Distribution time 6:00-8:00 pm.
The Carrig family hosts the site form their home at 110 Pleasant Avenue a few blocks east of Central Ave.
We will be sending you their contact information as well as providing your contact information to them.


Depew: Tuesdays

 Distribution time: 4:00-7:00 pm.

The Lubey family hosts the site from their home at 117 Forestview Dr. between Walden Avenue and Pleasantview off of Columbia Dr. We will be sending you their contact information as well as providing your contact information to them.


East Amherst: Tuesdays
 Distribution time 3:00-6:00 pm.
The Megan family hosts the site from their home at 45 Foxboro Lane address off of Paradise Rd.
We will be sending you their contact information as well as providing your contact information to them.


Environment & Ecology: Tuesdays For employees only; please contact your representative for details.


Leicester; Wednesdays
Distribution time 6:00-7:00

Pam & Dan Hull host the site from their home at 5672 Upper Mt. Morris Rd.; shares will be available in their garage.
We will be sending you their contact information as well as providing your contact information to them.


Massachusetts Avenue Project (MAP): Thursdays     www.mass-ave.org

 Distribution time 4:00-6:00 pm.
MAP is located at 271 Grant St. near Lafayette in a former Buffalo Public Library building and is hosted by their staff.
Please park and enter in the back of the building. If the door is locked, either knock or ring the doorbell located overhead. If you miss your distribution please call Allison at 882-5327 ext.4 and leave a message Thursday evening stating “missed Promised Land CSA Share” with your name and phone number to arrange a pick up time on Friday. If no arrangements are made by noon on Friday your share will be donated for use to the MAP organization. We are proud to be partners with the Massachusetts Avenue Project. Their mission is to nurture the growth of a diverse and equitable local food system and promote local economic opportunities, access to affordable, nutritious food and social change education.


Oles Family Farm @ 2112 County Line Rd. Alden: Thursdays
Distribution time 4:00-6:30
The CSA farm is located 1 mile north of Rt. 20 or 2.5 miles south of Rt. 33.
The “Oles Family Farm/Promised Land CSA” sign marks the farm located on the west side of the road.
Please enter the farm driveway to the left of the barn and park in the grassy area on the left.
Enter the barn through the small “man door” in the front where you will usually find Jane distributing shares.
Please note that it is NOT our residence; email within 24 hours to arrange for a missed share.


Home deliveries Tuesday or Thursday:
For renewing members it will be the same day and location at your home.
– New members should have been contacted to arrange a day and location for share drop off. Email us for any questions.
– Providing a large cooler will be helpful to preserve the quality of your produce until it can be refrigerated.
– It’s important for home delivery to work that your EMPTY SHARE BOX be out waiting for the next share EVERY WEEK where your share is delivered.