Promised Land Week Eight June 30th 2014

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Important information: ·         Fruit share will begin next week with sweet cherries. Fruit shares are in a separate box which also needs to be returned weekly. Farm News from Jane Well for those of you who came out to pick strawberries you’ll know that strawberry season is officially over at our farm! We had over […]

Promised Land CSA Week Seven June 23rd 2014

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Important Information: Remember to pick up your meat shares order this week for those at Park, East Amherst, MAP and the farm; Lancaster member meat shares are next Tuesday the 1st of July. Please note that all checks for any shares should always be made out to Oles Family Farm. Our apologies if the salad […]

Promised Land CSA Week Six June 16th 2014

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Important Reminders: Meat orders are due Friday; please notice delivery dates. If you need to switch your delivery site/day please let us know Sunday for Monday’s harvest (Tuesday shares) and Tuesday for Wednesday’s harvest (Thursday shares). Farm News from Jane Today was certainly a big and busy harvest day; peas especially are a time consuming […]

Promised Land CSA Week Five June 9th 2014

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Important reminders This week we are switching to the larger share box. They are all brand new and very stiff so please be gentle as possible as you unfold them. If unsure how please have someone demonstrate it for you. The damage and torn boxes adds significant cost to our CSA share. Farm News from […]

Promised Land CSA Week Four June 2nd 2014

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Important Reminders: Please watch for an upcoming meat share offering. Past newsletters are archived on our website @ www.promisedland under posts. Farm News from Jane Many hands lighten the load! That is what we experienced literally this past week with our first worker share days. We’ve had some great help and some enjoyable time […]