The bounty of summer and fall, delivered weekly

Summer share

Produce Shares

Our 24-week summer produce season runs from  late May through October and provides members with a supply of nearly 100 different kinds of vegetables and a few fruits at several convenient distribution locations around the Buffalo metro region. We now offer weekly and biweekly shares. In spring as the temperatures warms the soil, we begin harvesting the first green goodies of the season. Since we choose to start fairly early, produce shares in May are light in volume but continue to increase in variety and volume as the season progresses. Shares will range from four pounds early in the season and often peak at 18 pounds early autumn. Favorites include sweet corn, tomatoes, crisp lettuce, garlic, potatoes and green beans (see a full list of our produce).

Tree Fruit Shares

We partner with local Lake Ontario fruit belt growers who use “low spray” methods to offer a tree fruit share throughout the summer and fall, which can be added to your produce share. The weekly and bi-weekly shares are full of seasonal favorites like tart and sweet cherries, apricots, nectarines, plums, peaches, apples, and pears. The season begins with sweet cherries in early July and will continue for approximately 18 weeks finishing at the same time as produce shares.  The volume depends on the type of fruit shared and varies between 4-8 pounds per week.


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