When we nurture the land, the land nurtures us

Farm field

The mission of the Oles Family Farm is to provide nutritious foods to the local community by utilizing organic practices and time-honored systems. Ours is a cyclical, harmonious philosophy that pre-dates many of the modern farming methods out there today: we nurture the land, the land nurtures the food, the food nurtures us.

In the late ’90s we began to fully comprehend the direct relationship between the food we eat and our overall health and wellbeing. Our farming techniques began to change, and as a result our soil, crops, animals – and family – became healthier.

By eliminating all man-made chemicals such as fertilizers, insecticides, and pesticides, we began to return to more holistic and sustainable approaches including cover crops, compost, and crop rotation to improve the health of the soil. The surrounding ecosystem has responded visibly, letting us know we are becoming better stewards of an environment that is healthy for all God’s living things.

It is our desire to continue to explore and implement ever-better growing and management practices so that we can raise more flavorful and nutrient-rich vegetables, herbs, and fruit to share with our CSA community. We welcome you to visit the farm and walk the fields, ask us questions, and learn a little more about where your food comes from.