Promised Land 2016 Summer Share Information

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  • Produce shares will begin Tuesday May 24th and Thursday May 26th at your respective sites.
  • Tree fruit shares will begin in early July with sweet cherries.
  • For those of you who had winter share distribution at Park School, East Amherst or Depew please remember that your distribution day switches back to Tuesday for the summer share season.
  • You will receive a weekly email newsletter on Monday evenings. In this newsletter you will find CSA information updates, farm news, produce list with preparation tips, and recipes.
  • Please use the weekly newsletter to guide you through the season. Newsletters are archived on the website for reference and/or recipes. Most questions can be answered if you refer to the information provided in the newsletter or refer to the website @ for questions regarding distribution sites.
  • If you would like to come out to the farm for a visit please call or email first as we do not live at the 2112 County Line Rd. Alden address. We do host a yearend field tour and potluck and also occasionally u-pick events for members when there is a surplus. We will notify you of these through the newsletter.


Distribution information


  • Distribution is always weekly and at the same location unless other arrangements are made at least 24 hours ahead. Distributions sites and times are also located on the website for reference if you need to make other arrangements. There are 25 weeks of produce shares; final distributions are November 8th and 10th.


  • Produce shares are packed in waxed boxes the morning of distribution. These boxes are to be returned weekly. Each member is allocated two boxes for the season. Please handle them gently and do not use them for any other purpose except your produce. Some members find it helpful to transfer their produce to a cooler or insulated bag at the distribution site to keep their produce cool until it gets refrigerated at home. If your share is left in a hot car or in the box on the kitchen counter it will quickly wilt. Remember, we carefully harvest, chill and pack your produce to deliver it to you in the best quality possible. Your handling after pickup can make all the difference between great produce and fair produce.


  • There will be a sign out sheet at your site; please be diligent to cross off your name when you pick up your share. If you have a substitute person pick up your share please give them all the information they need to do so.


  • It is our responsibility to deliver your produce as fresh as possible. It is your responsibility to pick up your share each week at distribution. Your share is delivered and available on the day and during the hours listed for the site you chose. There is only the exact amount of shares packed; we do not have any “extras” at the farm if you miss your pickup. Any unclaimed shares will be donated if contact is not made promptly. If needed, distribution site changes can be made but must be done no later than the day prior. We are unable to return email or phone requests for changes on distribution mornings; shares are packed early. Please refer to the distribution site information for contact details specific to your site.