Summer Information May 13th 2024

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Hello Friends, old and new!

Well, here we are in mid-May almost ready to begin summer shares. We have been busy seeding, planting and transplanting in the greenhouses, high tunnels and fields.
We have planted lettuce, beets, fennel, Swiss chard, scallions and lots of varieties of onions into beautifully worked beds. There are two blocks of sweet corn growing and it’s only May 13th!
We not only will have corn knee high by the Fourth of July, we’ll be eating corn by the end of July. Three different varieties of peas, and also  carrots and beans are up and growing.
We have had a mild spring and are hoping that the frost danger is past. We know that until June there is always that possibility.
Some families of vegetables like lettuce, beans, corn, and beets are seeded early and successively for multiple weeks/months of harvest. And others have to wait until the heat of summer to thrive.
We have summer squash, cucumbers and melons seeded and some have already moved to the “hardening off” greenhouse. The high tunnels are planted with lettuces, Bok choy, Napa cabbage, kale, fennel, and tomatoes. We also have peppers getting ready to be transplanted in them.

The weather has been hot, then wet and cool and now, finally seems to have settled down. This week we are seeding winter squash; talk about planning ahead!.
We hope that new members will appreciate learning all about the different veggies and appreciate their different nutrients but most of all their flavor!
The delicious, freshly harvested, nutrient dense veggies you receive from our farm are grown in healthy soil without any artificial fertilizers or insect/pesticides and so will be more sweet and flavorful.

Share start dates:
At Depew, East Amherst, Lancaster, Park School, and suburban home delivery sites, share distribution for weekly and biweekly shares will begin Tuesday, May 21st.

Leicester members weekly and biweekly shares will begin Wednesday May 22th.

At the farm, at MAP and city home delivery sites, weekly shares will begin Thursday, May 23rd.
Biweekly shares for these sites will begin the following Thursday, May 30st.

The rest of the details follow and are also attached to print out for reference.

We hope that you are ready and anxiously awaiting your “fruit fruits” of the spring harvest.
Thank you so much for partnering with us for the season!
Please email with any questions or concerns.
Happy last weeks of spring, Jane & Ben


Depew, East Amherst, Lancaster, Park School, and suburban home delivery sites shares begin
Tuesday May 21st for Weekly produce shares and also for Biweekly shares at these sites.
Biweekly members at these sites are scheduled for the odd numbered distribution.
There are 24 weekly distributions; 12 biweekly distributions. Odd shares are Weeks 1, 3, 5, 7 etc.
Dates for odd biweekly shares at Depew, East Amherst, Lancaster, Park School and suburban sites are:
May 21, June 4, June 18, July 2, July 16, July 30, Aug. 13, Aug. 27, Sept. 10, Sept. 24, Oct. 8, Oct. 22.

The Farm, MAP and city home delivery sites begin Weekly produce shares Thursday May 23th.
Biweekly members for the Farm and MAP, and city home delivery sites begin shares May 30th.
Biweekly members at these sites are scheduled for the even numbered distribution.
There are 24 weekly distributions; 12 biweekly distributions. Even weeks are 2, 4, 6, etc.
Dates for the even biweekly shares at the Farm, MAP and city home delivery sites are:
May 30, June 13, June 27, July 11, July 25, Aug. 8, Aug. 22, Sept. 5, Sept. 19, Oct. 3, Oct. 17, Oct 31.

Tree fruit shares will begin in early July with sweet cherries.
We will send out reminders to fruit share members before the season begins.
Please contact us if you have a biweekly fruit share and would like the newsletter weekly.

The newsletter is posted each Monday evening for weekly members and every other Monday for biweekly. They are dated and numbered and contain CSA information updates, farm news, a produce list, produce prep and storage tips, and recipes for each item. Please use the newsletter to guide you through the season.
Newsletters are archived on the website for reference and/or recipes. Most questions can be answered if you refer to the information provided in the newsletter or from information on the website.
For questions regarding distribution sites or newsletters see our website @
– Weekly produce share members will receive a weekly email newsletter on Monday evenings.
– Biweekly produce members will receive newsletters on the Monday evenings of their distribution week only.

Produce shares are packed in waxed boxes the morning of distribution. These boxes are to be returned weekly or biweekly respectively. Each member is allocated two boxes for the season. Do not use them for any other purpose except your produce. Please handle them gently. If you have difficulty opening it, please do not pull harder and tear the box. The top of the box has a hinge flap which bends to open.

Here is a YouTube video demonstration for unfolding boxes:

Some members transfer their produce to an insulated bag at distribution to keep their produce cool until it gets home and refrigerated. If your share is left in a hot car or in the box on the kitchen counter it will degrade quickly. We carefully harvest, chill and pack your produce to deliver the best quality possible.
Your handling of produce after pickup can make all the difference between great produce or fair produce.

Distribution is at your chosen distribution site unless other arrangements are made.
If needed, changes must be requested 48 hours prior. We are unable to return email or phone calls for changes on distribution mornings; we are busy packing shares and trucks are loaded early.
It is helpful to save the distribution sites information in case you need to switch your site.

There is a sign out sheet at your distribution site; please be diligent to cross off your name each week when you pick up your share. If you have a substitute person pick up your share, please give them all the necessary details including where the site is located and where the shares are kept.
It is your responsibility to pick up your share each week at distribution. Your share is delivered and available on the day and during the hours listed at the site you chose. There is only the exact number of shares packed and delivered to each distribution site, we do not have any “extras” at the farm if you miss your pickup. Any unclaimed shares will be donated unless there is prompt follow-up. Specific site details follow. If you are unable to make it to your distribution site during the scheduled time it is necessary to follow-up with your site host.
Contact information for Depew, Lancaster, East Amherst and Leicester members will be sent separately.
Please read the details for your chosen site. All sites have a specific contact person, please call the host site.
If you call us, we will refer you to your host person; they will help you to get your share.

Depew: Tuesdays; Distribution time: 4:00-7:00 pm.
The Lubey family hosts the site from their home at 117 Forestview Dr. between Walden and Pleasantview.
We will be sending you their contact information as well as providing your contact information to them.

East Amherst: Tuesdays; Distribution time 3:00-6:00 pm.
The Megan family hosts the site from their home at 45 Foxboro Lane address off of Paradise Rd.
We will be sending you their contact information as well as providing your contact information to them.

Lancaster: Tuesdays; Distribution time 6:00-8:00 pm.
The Carrig family hosts the site from their home at 110 Pleasant Avenue a few blocks east of Central Ave.
We will be sending you their contact information as well as providing your contact information to them.

Park School: Tuesdays; Distribution time: 4:00-5:30 pm sharp.
Please enter at the main entrance at 4625 Harlem Rd. and turn right into the first driveway leading to the upper parking lot. Look for a white delivery truck with a Promised Land CSA banner. It is not possible to leave shares after distribution hours. Please email us within 24 hours to make other arrangements if you miss distribution.

Leicester: Wednesdays; Distribution time 6:00-7:30
The Hull family host site is at 5672 Upper Mt. Morris Rd.
Please pull in the driveway and park in front of the garage at the back of the house.
There will be a table for shares, a clipboard to sign them out and a box return tote.
We will be sending you their contact information as well as providing your contact information to them.

Massachusetts Avenue Project (MAP): ThursdaysDistribution time 3:00-6:00 pm. 
Located at 387 Massachusetts Ave. in the red farm building hosted by MAP’s staff. Parking is on the street.
If you miss your distribution, shares are available Friday morning between 8-9 am. You do not need to call, just show up the following morning. Shares left after 9 am will be donated to MAP’s programs.
We are proud to partner with the Massachusetts Avenue Project. Their mission is to nurture the growth of a diverse and equitable local food system and promote local economic opportunities, access to affordable, nutritious food and social change education. We encourage you to support their farm store.
It is open between 3-6 with a great selection of local offerings. Website:

Oles Family Farm: Thursdays @ 2112 County Line Rd. Alden
Distribution time 4:00-6:00 
The CSA farm is located 1 mile north of Rt. 20 or 2.5 miles south of Rt. 33.
The “Oles Family Farm @ Promised Land CSA” sign marks the farm located on the west side of the road.
Please enter the farm driveway to the left of the barn and park in the grassy area on the left.
Enter the barn through the small “man door” in the front where you will find Jane distributing shares.
Please note that this is NOT our residence; call 585-599-3462 or email within 24 hours for a missed share.
After 6 pm shares are available in the “veggie” cooler out in front.
They will be returned to the cold storage the following morning unless other arrangements have been made.

Home deliveries Tuesday or Thursday:
For renewing members it will be the same day and specified location.
– Most deliveries are early to late afternoon. It will take a few weeks to establish a usual time.
– New members: Tuesdays are for suburban addresses and Thursdays are for city addresses.
– Please contact us to let us know where you would like your share placed. A shady afternoon spot on a porch is best. Providing a LARGE cooler that will hold the box is helpful to preserve the quality of your produce until it can be refrigerated. We do not unpack shares into a cooler.
– PLEASE REMEMBER that your EMPTY BOX should be out waiting for the next distribution.